AI and data driven solutions by engineers, for engineers.

Two members of the Ada Mode team in front of a large window

Our mission

To improve the performance of complex industrial processes through artificial intelligence, data science, engineering expertise and design thinking.

What makes us different?

More than the technology

Our team comprises engineers, natural scientists, data scientists and designers. Our people have worked on some of the most challenging projects across the renewable energy, civil nuclear and manufacturing sectors.

A member of the Ada Mode team at a desk with laptop in view

Our values

People are the business

Our people are the most important part of the business. We must promote equality and diversity through collaboration and teamwork.

Strive for better

Our work should result in an improvement for the planet or other people.

There’s always a way, but not always

Innovate, create, test, improve - be brave but humble.

Sustain the good guys

Relationships are more important than our bottom-line.

Help others do their best

Promote a creative approach to problem-solving through fostering an open-minded, energetic and inquisitive attitude.

Our History

Ada Mode’s founders wanted to set up a company that would challenge the archetype.

A male and female memeber of the Ada Mode team smiling at something on a computer

A progressive, positive company driven curiosity and creativity. Fuelled by a desire to challenge the traditional, we want to grow a team who share our core values and aspire industry better.

Driven by a need to disrupt traditional scientific and technical service providers, they created Ada Mode. Inspired by the 19th Century mathematician, coupled with a passion for AI, engineering and data science, their vision was to transform industrial problem-solving.

Ada Mode was formed by a team of mechanical engineers, chemists and data scientists who worked across the energy sector.

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