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Game-changing AI for machine health monitoring and industrial process optimisation

Cutting-edge AI for power generation, utilities and manufacturing

Human-in-the-loop AI

Ensuring people remain at the heart of digital transformation. Laser focused on the most challenging operational problems. Built using our Atlas platform, Ada Mode combine powerful AI with operator knowledge to reach new levels of up-time, output and waste reduction.

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Reduce Downtime

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Reduce Emissions

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Increase Safety

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Optimise Maintenance

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Reduce Energy Consumption

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“Ada Mode’s machine health AI enabled us to significantly reduce our turbine maintenance costs and reduce outage duration. This technology is now central to our long-term maintenance strategy.”


Combine human intelligence and contemporary AI for groundbreaking operational transformation 

Monitor Health

Establish and sustain a deep understanding of plant health, beyond SCADA data, to direct intervention and maintenance activity

Prevent Failure

Prevent catastrophic machine failure through automatic detection of anomalous behaviour prior to the event

Guide Operators

Support operators by receiving automated recommendations on process parameter adjustment to boost output, reduce waste and reduce emissions

Dynamic Optimisation

Reduce energy demand and control energy supply through dynamic optimisation of power consumers and producers

Advanced Diagnostics

Understand plant behaviour and performance against design to guide investment decisions and warranty claims

Reduce Calibration Burden

Monitor critical sensor health to prevent adverse quality events and reduce calibration burden

Forecast Performance

Forecast future system performance and model different operational scenarios to inform decision making

Scalable Insight

Scale monitoring from component to portfolio level across the enterprise to guide CAPEX investment decisions

Exploit Disparate Data

Integrate unstructured contextual data, such as maintenance records, alongside time series data to boost analytical capability

Increase operational efficiency

Machine Health

AI technology used by major industrial operators to increase plant availability and optimise maintenance strategies. Eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce cost of maintenance.

Process Optimisation

Advanced machine learning control technology to boost output and minimise waste. Achieve better quality, reduce emissions and increase throughput without major CAPEX.

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Atlas platform example screenshot
Atlas platform example screenshot
Atlas platform example screenshot
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Civil Nuclear Power



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Data science and digital transformation

Supporting operators with AI adoption, digital twin strategy and analytical support for complex operational problems

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Tidal Turbine Power Analytics

Case study

Surrogate modelling in nuclear generation

Meet the humans behind the AI

Our people have worked on some of the most challenging projects across the renewable energy, civil nuclear and manufacturing sectors.

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