Operators , OEMs, Government and Regulators

Driving the adoption of AI technology across industry to increase efficiency, reduce waste and increase safety.

Industries we work in


We work with customers in the foundation industries and FMCG to increase OEE and reduce energy demand across their processes. Solutions include the development of human-in-the-loop ML to support on-the-fly process optimisation to reduce waste and production line downtime.


We support owners and operators of shipping and port infrastructure with Ai adoption to reduce energy demand, reduce emissions and transition towards the use of sustainable fuels.


We support regional industrial decarbonisation strategies through developing models and simulations of water, gas and power networks to drive better decision making around technology investment and expansion of zero carbon energy.

Civil Nuclear

Supporting civil nuclear operators with the adoption of AI to drive smarter, faster and safter operation. Applications include intelligent asset management, predictive maintenance and energy optimisation solutions. Our work spans civil nuclear generation, decommissioning and supporting the development of future civil nuclear technology including fusion and SMRs.


We work with operators to monitor the health and performance of critical turbine components and rotating plant to minimise unplanned downtime and optimise offshore maintenance schedules. We specialise in unsupervised ML techniques for wide-scale fleet health monitoring.

Government and regulators

Development of AI regulatory strategies and roadmaps to support the adoption of safe, responsible and performant AI across industrial sectors.

Our work